Our Committees

Covenant Council

The Covenant Council is the main decision making body of the church. It consists of the chair-people of the committees of the church and elected at-large congregational members. The current chairperson is JOe Wier. At-large members is Morgan Hazen. The Covenant Council meets on the second Monday of the month at 7pm in the Red Room. These meetings are open to anyone. If you have something you would like to present to Covenant Council, please contact Joe Wier prior to the meeting to ensure that your request can be added to the agenda for the next meeting


Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)

The primary goals of the Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) are to encourage, strengthen, nurture, and support the pastors and staff and their families, and to promote unity in the church. The current chairperson of the SPRC is Kathy Bennett. Committee members are: Jim Hazen, Marsha Riddle, Becky Young, Patty Wilson, Greg Pool, Brian Steidinger, and Steve Hawthorne. SPRC meets on the second Monday of the month at 5:30PM. Their meetings are closed. If you have a concern, please let one of the committee members know and they can address it at their next meeting.



The Finance Committee oversees the expenditures, budget, and audit of the church finances. Finance meets on the first Thursday of the month at 7pm in the Red Room. The chairperson of finance is Mike Young. Committee members are Wayne Snyder, Rick Ertel, Karla Hunter, Ann Young, Leigh Ann Sharp, Tom Borton, Phil Noellsch, and Carey Wilson. Virgil Rosendale is our church treasurer and our financial secretaries are Leigh Ann Sharp, Ann Young, and Karla Hunter.



The Trustees are mainly responsible for maintaining all church property. They also oversee Memorial Committee. Trustees meet on the first Monday of the month at 7pm in the Fellowship Hall. The chairperson of trustees is Glenn Riddle. Committee members are Lynn Anliker, Dwaine Horsch, Amy Hood, Dave Merritt, Kelly Boton, Dave Hazen, Donna Douglas, Kenny Hawthorne, and Jeff Eckhoff.


Worship Committee

The Worship Committee oversees most things related to our weekly worship services as well as other special services throughout the year. The worship committee meets more on a quarterly basis, so please contact a chairperson to find out when they will be meeting next. The chairperson for 2017 is Kathy Eagleson. Committee members are: Evelyn Patton, Tom Fairchild, Jennifer Arsenault, Colleen Woodcock, Dondra Wilson, Sue Shields, and Merle McCallister.


Children’s Ministries Committee (CMC)

The Children’s Ministries Committee oversees the youth programming in our church from Preschool age through High School. They also oversee the Kids’ Connection program on Sunday mornings. They meet on the third Monday of the month at 6:45pm in the Red Room. Committee members are: Molly Ertel, Jackie Quinley, Zach Wier, Joyce Dewey, Denise Kearfott, Staci Ward, Candice Hawthorne, Lezlie Merritt, Bath Hansen, Elizabeth Sheppard, and Samantha Arsenault.


Missions Committee

The Mission Committee oversees the missions which GCUMC supports. They help organize mission trips and projects, raise funds, and choose the recipients of the monthly mission socks offerings. Missions meets on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30 in the Fellowship Hall. The chairperson of Missions is Kim Fisher. Committee members are: Kristen Hood, Lauren Pool, Mike Utterback, Bill Hunter, Sherri Knerr, Donna Douglas, Karen Kummerow, and Brad Fairfield.


Lay Leadership Committee

The Lay Leadership Committee meets a few times in late summer/early fall to nominate members to serve on the other committees. Pastor John is the chair person of this committee.  


Connection Team

The Connection Team is concerned with the invitation, hospitality, and congregational care of new visitors and the members of the church. The chair person of this committee is Cathy Steidinger. The members of this committee are Susan Hawthorne, Janet Utterback, Judy Eckhoff, Linda Goltz, and Carol Steinman. 


Endowment Committee

The Endowment Committee oversees funds given to the church in which the interest and earnings of the principle are available for non-general budget needs of the church, but the principle is reserved from expenditure. The members of the Endowment Committee are Todd Littell, Rick Young, Jim Hood, and Jon Clark.



The Memorial Committee oversees funds given to the church in which both the principle and the interest and earnings are available for non-general budget needs of the church. Committee members are: Lynne Titus, Bettie Main, Jo Nettleton, Margaret Farmer, Mary Holsten, and Chris Hazen.